ACTIVATE   •   This collaborative piece was the featured performance element of my Artist Residency at The Eldorado Springs Art Center. Together with performancera Lula Mae Day, I led the audience through an evening of heart-pounding, interactive multimedia action art. Our goal was to wholistically (and comedically) ACTIVATE our collective chakras through the ritual performative dyeing of our handmade jumpsuits, using natural dyes we made from fruits and vegetables in corresponding colors to our chakras.  Our elfin “chakra-kon” assistants fed the audience the color-coded fruit ‘sacrament’ for each chakra, while Lula and I projected colorful image montages on to our bodies, led the group in a choreographed dance-activation set to the soundtrack of our original chakra-awakening music, and eventually paraded the audience outdoors into the sculpture patio where we climbed a tree and passed out all-natural lollipops.

Fashion, Production & Choreography: Rachel Znerold & Lula Mae Day    Video: Lula Mae Day, Talbott Walker and Rachel Znerold    Location: Eldorado Springs Art Center  Coordinator: Joy Eisenhauer    Poster Photography: Kari Koller    Poster Art & Design: Rachel Znerold    Performance Photography: bobbieturnerphotography.com    Date: 06.02.2010  

ACTIVATE begins with a media barrage projected  on to our bodies as we moved through a series of postures. This video piece is a telling montage of the innerworkings of a child of the 80's: Beauty. Babes. Consumption. Destruction.  The media projection represents the hyper, over-stimulation we endure in the modern age, and ends with the "plug being pulled," resulting in static fuzz. Only then, in the quiet space remaining, could the true ACTIVATION begin.  --->