FUERZA FEMENINA!  •  AMERICAN DREAM   •    This performance dove into the deep and treacherous waters of American Dream ideology, slowly dissecting the elements that led to the the explosion of the financial powers that be.  The piece opens with a Shirley-Temple-inspired, tap-dancing American icon, who slowly becomes corrupted by big business and money, the sexy and powerful military, the media and fear mongers, and eventually the American Dream breaks down into a wild fit and collapses. But in the end, America was revived by the a wave of obnoxiously optimistic Youth, who strip away the blindfolds, gags, masks and scarlet letter to reveal a new hope for tomorrow…in the form of a large scale synchronized dance number.

Fashion: Rachel Znerold    Choreography: Rachel Znerold    Photography: Sean Franzen    Styling: Jeremy Teresa Lewis    Location: Rickshaw Stop   Production: fAction SF     Performers: Rachel Znerold, Mandie Rovere, Isul Kim, Jhina Alvarado, Jennifer Russick, Shaye McKenney, Jaq Jaq, Jessica Adams, Nicole Markoff, Jeremy Teresa Lewis  Benefiting: Mujeres Unidas Y Activas