FROM THE DEPTHS    •    I remember the first time I squinted into the lens of a microscope, or later, into a telescope that zipped me away to ride on the rings of Saturn and hopscotch through galaxies afar.  I would get lost in the great depths of the untamed ocean whenever I would happen upon an aquarium, imagining myself flying through the reef and navigating the dangerous waters.  Even now, I find myself mesmerized by my surroundings, wishing I could freeze-frame the rush of the here-and-now and share my sense of awe and wonderment of the earth.  The interconnectedness of the organic world, from the microscopic to the geological to the celestial, is a true testament to the majesty and mystery of life. The universality of the organic shapes, colors and line invite the imagination to play with the infinite possibilities to be found within my paintings. [These small abstract pieces lend themselves well to being shown in a cluster, grid or pairing and because they can be hung any of the four direction, the curatorial possibilities are also endless!]