POSTCARDS FROM SAN FRANCISCO   •   From the moment I arrived in San Francisco, I was captivated by the magic; the misty mornings and the sparkling sidewalks, the vibrant buildings and cool, dense sky. The charm, the edge, the softness around the prickly parts: I fell in love at once. I want to paint little love letters to the hidden nooks and crannies that comprise the HEART of the city. I daydream about what San Francisco was like when my Grandmother lived here, where she met my Grandpa (a soldier in the Precidio at the time) and what single-screen theater they first held hands in.  I recently happened upon some marvelous old postcards of San Francisco, showing all my favorite places in centuries past. I adore the classic romanticism of the antique postcards and was inspired to create “postcards” of my own. Postcards From San Francisco, To San Francisco,  With love.   [Many pieces in this series feature found cabinet doors and recycled materials as the framed canvas for the artwork, thereby extending the meaning of the painting beyond the image, into the history of the materials themselves, and ultimately, into the rich past the piece is steeped in.]