SOMETHING LIKE HOME    •    There’s something familiar here—some essence of the wild—a hint of the expansive hours spent roaming the overgrown forests and waters of my youth. Bursting forth from cracks in the sidewalk, peeking over tops of fences, quietly haunting empty neighborhood lots, drifting in from sea, these unexpected glimpses of fantastic nature embedded in city life instantly transport me home.  San Francisco is my home now, in part because this natural splendor softens the toughness of the city and reminds me that we are blessed to be alive and living here.  From colorful community gardens adorning the neighborhoods, to small mossy puddles and secret succulent worlds nestled in boxes, this urban flora feels a little something like home—a place to lift your gaze to admire the delicate blooms coexisting with concrete and savor a silent moment amidst the buzzing of the city.  These highly textured abstract paintings, embellished with textiles, embroidery, and beading, are meant to conjure thoughts of hillside flowers, ripe fruit, seeds, pods, kelp, sea creatures and more--the little something that makes this strange and exciting place our home.