All gowns are custom designed and hand-sewn, honoring the way ritual garments were made for centuries. Truly a collaborative and sacred experience, and often incorporating creative, non-traditional materials-- a bride's mother's gown, a vintage silk parachute, satin remnants from the 80's, or antique doilies and laces I've spent years collecting-- each gown is as unique and beautiful as the bride-to-be. Because of the hundreds of hours of hand-stiching required to create each couture garment, my gowns begin at $2000 and I only take a few select projects per year. Contact me with your creative vision if you feel you might be a good fit for one of my one-of-a-kind wedding or couture gowns.


A bride does so much to put personal touches throughout her wedding, but nothing was as personal and special as having my dream wedding gown handmade by Rachel.  Rachel made every moment, from dreaming up a design to every meticulous fitting, one that I will never forget.  Her brilliant creativity, artful eye, and skilled hand took me on an adventure, culminating in a beautiful work of art that I was honored to wear down the aisle.   -Jill

I never could have imaged being able to collaborate on a project so memorable and rewarding. Every step of the design process made me more excited to wear this dress! For someone who was uncertain what kind of dress I wanted for my wedding day, I ended up with the one that suited me and the occasion perfect. It was beautiful, lightweight, and unique. The day Rachel and I opened the package containing the vintage, white silk parachute , I knew I loved the way the fabric felt and the history it had. One of the best moments for me was the way the dress felt as I was floating in the clean, clear, crisp water of Lake Tahoe, amazing!    - Becky

Rachel did an amazing job at rejuvenating my mothers 1979 wedding dress! We combined our creative juices to re-design the dress just for me! Rachel had the most lovely ideas for the dress, all of which we used & I loved every part of it! The most beautiful & cherished part is the hand-sewn lace that Rachel used to match the 70's lace perfectly.   -Mandie